Hot Men from Chippendales Do Amazing Race

The two Chippendales dancers on CBS’ “The Amazing Race” competing on Sunday night’s Season 21 debut against 10 other teams came perilously close to being kicked off the premiere. Jaymes Vaughan and Jaymes Davis started off great rappelling down a 10-story L.A. skyscraper and being in the first group of seven teams to make the fastest flight to Shanghai.
Jaymes and James  originally joined Chippendales out of a
dare between the two of them but now they are both enjoying their stay
in Vegas, 
which can be wild considering their profession. “It’s funny because it’s more room numbers,” Vaughan said when asked how
many phone numbers they get after a show. “You get…room keys handed
to you. It’s the strangest thing I’ve ever seen.”
The two Chippendales, who developed a close friendship years back when
they were models, revealed that they weren’t seeking attention or glory
when they signed up 
for the race but rather wanted to 
win the grand
prize of up to $2 million for their families.
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