Legalize LOVE – Legalize LOVEBUG to Support President Obama

that recent tight polling numbers might lead to four more states
rejecting equal marriage or adopting a constitutional ban, gay activist
couple Luke Montgomery and Eduardo Cisneros are hoping that highlighting
President Obama’s support for equal marriage will sway voters in these
traditionally blue states. 

To create an attention-getting and dramatic
campaign image, the duo have covered every inch of their 2010 VW Beetle
in over 1,000 “Legalize Love” Obama bumper stickers with the “O” in
“love” being replaced by the framiliar Obama logo (video & photos at
). They set out on a 2,400 mile cross-country journey from their L.A.
home to campaign on the ground in Maryland, Maine, Minnesota and
Washington ahead of the November 6 votes. While in each state the
activists will be clad in blue “Legalize Love” T-shirts and registering
voters, passing out free “Legalize Love” bumper stickers, wristbands and
T-shirts and holding press conferences geared at drawing print, radio
and TV coverage to the President’s pro-equal marriage position.


are blue states that are voting for Obama and the ‘Legalize Love Bug’
will help make sure that the President’s support for equal marriage is
heard loud and clear so they also vote for equality.” said Eduardo
Cisneros. “Because of a tight national race, the President might not be
able to hammer home his support for gay marriage so we are stepping in
to make sure that message gets out no matter what.”

has been a game-changer on this issue and we’re campaigning our hearts
out because we believe that the President is the secret weapon to move
and inspire voters,” adds Luke Montgomery. “We want to get people
involved with the campaign at so they can be a part of making marriage equality history in this election.”

Activists are also rallying support for the cause Facebook, Twitter and Tumblr and via an online campaign video on the
website. T-shirts reading “Legalize Love” are being offered on the site
starting at $9.99, along with bumper stickers and wristbands. The
campaign store also has wristbands, tank tops, buttons and hoodies to
help get the word out and show support for this grassroots movement.

the trans-red state journey in a car that might serve as a lightning
rod for homophobia, the couple has been harassed, threatened and called
“faggots” but also has been treated to hundreds of honks and “thumbs-up”
gestures of support. The enthusiastic reaction from people who see the
“Legalize Love Bug” in person is documented in their online campaign video attempting to get one million Facebook “Likes” to say “thumbs up” to Obama for supporting marriage equality.

Montgomery adds, “For us this isn’t politics, it’s personal. We want
the right to get married like anybody else. We hope people join us the
journey and follow along at”

Campaign Website:

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is a project of and is an independent pro-equality
movement not affiliated with, endorsed by or sponsored by Obama for
America. encourages supporters to get involved with the
official Obama 2012 campaign at their