Friend Film….Dealing with Sexuality, Gender Identity Issues and Bullying


Friend Film 

A feature film about two High-School seniors living in Tennessee dealing with Sexuality & Gender Identity. A quest of love, friendship & definition of family.
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Do you remember coming out? 

Did you ever feel
different, unattractive, left out?  

Do you ever ask yourself what is it
like to come out in 2012 or what it is like to be different from the
rest of the pact? 

Is it easier? Is it harder? 

Obviously, it is much
different than ten years ago…

FRIEND is a film that is not written
by a bunch of writers in a Hollywood room, but rather by the very own
kids we see at the end of our streets.

WATCH  NOW – and please,  donate $1 (or more)  to this amazing project.