Malayshia says BEWARE of Gay Men in V-NECKS

Your deep-V’s aren’t welcome here, Dov Charney. 

The Malaysian government has begun organizing seminars aimed at helping parents and teachers identify latent homosexuality in children. 
One of the principal warning signs?
 V-neck T-shirts.  (WTF?)
It’d be sort of funny if it weren’t rooted in a wildly un-self aware bigotry. Singapore news outlet AsiaOne has the details on the guidelines taught by the Teachers Foundation of Malaysia:

   The list … categorizes lesbians as people who are attracted to
women, who like to eat, sleep and hang out in the company of other
women, and who have no affection for men.

Its list for men includes preferences for V-necks and sleeveless clothes.

In a seminar in Penang on Wednesday, Deputy Education Minister Mohd
Puad Zarkashi said not many people understood or knew the early
“symptoms” of homosexuality, bisexuality and transgender inclinations to
prevent its spread, liberal news portal Malaysian Insider reported.

So far, the group has organized ten seminars on this new form of
parental gaydar with the latest one attracting 1,500 attendees in the
majority Muslim country. According to Asian media outlets,
other tell-tale signs of homosexuality for men include carrying “big
handbags, similar to those carried by women,” wearing tight,
light-colored clothes and possessing a “chiseled” physique.   READ MORE   AT  Atlantic Wire