Ronnie Kroell Talks FRIEND Film with Teeco71

Friend is a story about two teens as they experience life as gay and transgender in small town America.  Elliot London
wrote the original version of the movie but was inspired to travel
across the country in search of teens that were going through similar

The concept of Friend
is that Elliot incorporates the stories and opinions of the real teens
he met in his travels so that he transformed his idea into a work of
their stories.
Ronnie Kroell, one of the producers talks with Teeco71 (T71 Entertainment) this week…..

Q: Tell me how you got involved with the Friend Film?

A: I met the writer/director of FRIEND thanks to a mutual friend,
John Nelson. Elliot D. London is one of the most passionate film-makers I
have ever met with a commitment to making a difference through his work
(some of your readers may know him from the “Wedding Dance” video.

Elliot and I instantly clicked and saw similarities in our artistic
goals – not to mention that we are both only children, both Aquarians,
and both from the Chicago-land area. The only difference is that he is a
Jew and I am a gentile, but I like to think that I am jew-”ish” being
that I went to Niles North in Skokie, Illinois. We make a great team! I
have joined the project not only as an actor, but as an Executive
Producer – I am committed to making this film a reality.

Q:  Being bullied as a child, how did that shape who you are today?
A: When you are bullied as a child, it changes the core of your
very being. As human beings we long to fit-in, to be part of something,
to be accepted and loved. But, when we are rejected, made fun of, and
told that we are different the consequences can be fatal. Thankfully, I
have a family that has embraced and accepted me for all that I am. I
never had the thought of suicide even cross my mind, but I know what it
is like to be bullied. I used to be called a “faggot” at school and beat
up on the way home by a group of kids that, for whatever reason,
decided it was OK to take out their aggression on me.

Looking back on those times, I have finally reached a point where I
can forgive them and find strength from those experiences. I have chosen
to redirect that pain and anger into more positive channels – artistic
projects that will help change hearts and minds. For others with similar
experiences, the outcome has not been so positive. Many victims of
bullying feel like they have no one to turn to or that there is no point
to living anymore – and take their own lives. When this happens, we are
all truly at a loss.

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