Davey Wavey Interview – The Motivational, Inspirational Cute and Comical YouTube Sensation

He is the best friend to millions of gay men (and some women too!); he is a fitness guru and motivator ; he is a blog buddy and YouTube sensation with over 80,000,000 views! 100,000 people LIKE him on Facebook and 40,000 people follow his Tweets. On and on and on. Davey Wavey has become his own empire, totally by accident.

Using his platform to spread a message of love, acceptance, mixed in with his clever wit and talk about male sexy stuff and the occasional penis jokes, Davey has become one of the leading online voices for the gay and lesbian community.

Famous for his authentic and often irreverent approach, some of Davey’s 500+ videos include Swimming in $67,000 of Lube, 250 Balloons to Remember the Fallen, Gay Handkerchief Code Exposed and Coming Out: A Game Changer.

My personal recent favorites include when Davey got a straight guy to try on sexy underwear and also when Davey tells SIRI he is gay. A much different video then when Davey showed an extremely sensitive  side and came out to his Grandmother.

A certified personal trainer, Davey believes that honoring your body is an extension of honor your life—and has launched several fitness programs and videos including Davey Wavey’s Get Ripped Workout, The Davey Wavey Weight Loss Program and Underwear Yoga.

Davey is currently single (though his dog Chipotle, is currently the love of his life). And his parents jokingly said he is a pain in the ass to live with! And Davey admitted last week, he does in fact have a lot of pet peeves which could be one reason he is still single.
A sculpted tight little body with perky pecs that defy gravity. (So Far). Add a smile and personality that are both infectious. We caught up with Davey in California recently and also chatted by phone the other day.
Masturbating and the Neighbor is the road to success; WHO KNEW?!  “I know, right? by being a bit of a voyeur, I caught my neighbor masturbating in
Toronto. I made a video about it—it was one of my first YouTube
videos—and it went viral. After that, people started following my
channel and I realized that I had fallen into something amazing.”

People have no idea how much time it takes “to do some blogging posts” and what a day is like for a professional blogger….I just recently hired a personal assistant to help me. I had to. A typical day involves writing blog post, checking emails, a possible meeting or two, balance the check book, updating my social
media channels, filming YouTube content (which could involve anything
from traveling across Australia to jumping from a plane), doing some
video editing and working on upcoming projects. Being the shirtless
YouTube sensation that is Davey Wavey is actually super fun and
creative—I pinch myself every day that I’m able to do this for a living. I love it.  It is work, and I may work 10 hours days many days but it is insanely fun work. I don’t really feel the
pressure to be constantly cranking stuff out. It all falls into place
really naturally.”
You are a role model for so many. How did you get to this place in your life. When I was young, I was overweight. I had eating disorders. I eventually got into gymnastics and then into working out, but my healthier way of life and fitness  now sort of evolved into me honoring life. And just enjoying having a healthy body. I don’t want huge bulging muscles. I think I am pretty happy  now with my body and try to maintain it.  We  all can simultaneously aspire to create a healthier, stronger body
without hating or disliking the one we already have. We can both work
towards building a healthier body while celebrating our current form.

I hope that my videos are entertaining, but – at their core – I try
to infuse every video with a good, positive and affirming message. I
hold myself accountable to videos I make, and so I’m very mindful about
the messages that I’m putting out into the world. When you have an
audience and influence, I think you have a certain level of

Wait, backing up, what about gay men and their bodies? Are we obsessed?  “There was a study done that showed straight men liked their bodies the most, followed by lesbians, followed by straight women, followed by gay men last. There are several things going here. And one of those things, I believe, is that gay men do not objectify other mens body, any more than straight men objectify womens bodies. The difference is, for gay men, the bodies we objectify are like our own bodies. We live in male bodies. So if I like really fit guys, when I look into the mirror, I see my own male body, and I want to create that in myself. 
For a straight guy, while he may value large breasts on a girl, but he can’t get big breasts on himself! So that is the big difference. And that’s the tricky part for us  as gay guys”

(Listen to more of Davies views on his recent vlog on the topic.)

One of your videos really touched a chord, 250 Balloons to Remember The Fallen.  It brings tears to my eyes, every time I watch it. Have you been a victim of bullying?

“I haven’t been the victim of anti-gay bulling, but like so many of
us, I’m just so sick and tired of seeing members of our community denied
the support they need. When it comes to the tragic suicides – like that of Jamey Rodemeyer –
that our community continues to face, it’s hard to find the words. So, I
made this video when I was in Toronto. We wrote the names of LGBT suicide victims on balloons. I wanted to do a video to raise awareness about
the issue and to honor the lives of those that didn’t make it. That’s
where the idea for 250 Balloons to Remember the Fallen came from, and –
of the 500+ videos that I’ve made it’s my absolute favorite
.” (all of the balloons were biodegradable). 

Is RED BALLOONS one of YOUR favorite Videos – or most popular? “Each video holds a very special place in my heart—and usually my
favorite video is the one I’m currently working on. But the most
important videos are rarely the ones that get the most views because I’m
not talking about sex, foreskin or gay twins.

If I had to pick just
one, it would be “250 Balloons to Remember the Fallen”. It was
our own little tribute, but it was incredibly moving and powerful. And
it didn’t contain a single penis joke. Go figure! I hope that my videos are entertaining, but – at their core – I try to
infuse every video with a good, positive and affirming message.”

What do think is next? Whats the future hold for you?
“5 or 10 years ago, I would never have thought that I’d be doing this. Creating YouTube videos for a living wasn’t even a job that existed. Looking forward, I have no idea what I’ll be doing. I have talked to television people, but you give up so much control. I love what I do right now. Wherever life takes me, I hope that I’ll have an open mind, a loving heart and a sense of adventure.

If someone wrote a biography of you, what do you think the title should read?
“Dream Big. Live Bigger.” Or else, “How a Masturbating Neighbor Changed the World.”

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