ELI LIEB Place of Paradise

My current favorite CD!

In a pop musical climate dominated by performers that are auditioned, packaged and produced for the public’s easy consumption, Eli Lieb has self-produced his debut album, titled simply Eli Lieb.
 The collection of 10 original songs resonates with honest and touching sentiments within cinematic melodies, delivered in the spirit of uncompromising integrity.

He told US Magazine, “Everything reflects something that is going in my life at the present
time. Some of them can be pretty emotionally intense… “Place of
Paradise,” specifically, that one is a good song that sort of is
representative of how I feel about life in general. It’s a song about
trying to find that place of paradise inside of yourself… The song is
sort of about breaking down all of your walls and letting go of what you
think will make you happy and to start looking inside of yourself.”

Appealing to fans of Robyn and James Blake, Eli Lieb has created something emotional and empowering. Plus, he is uber sexy! I first discovered Eli on You Tube about a year ago where I found him doing some amazing cover songs. And he is gained quite a huge following through that exposure.
Spring-boarding his musical career during his 10 years living in New York City with early musical roots in the East Village, Lieb took the NYC songwriting scene by storm. After his first performance at Sidewalk Café he was immediately swooped into meetings with producers, label execs and collaborators of the highest caliber. 

After a year or so exploring the big-labels, Eli put on the brakes and retreated to his hometown of Fairfield, Iowa. It was in this rural refuge where Eli was able to write one of this year’s most exciting club-beat driven albums from his own musical instincts.
Perhaps one of the keys to understanding Lieb’s intuitive sense of melody and insightful candid lyrics has to do with his lifelong practice of Transcendental Meditation
Raised in an environment in which he practiced daily, he was taught as a child and has been meditating daily since. Eli describes it as a very different upbringing, which he is entirely grateful for: “meditation allows me to go through life with positivity and joy and makes me feel a deep connection to the underlying currents that we are all a part of.” TM is the same meditation that the Maharishi introduced to the Beatles and which the David Lynch Foundation supports with numerous educational outreaches. 
While the production value on Eli Lieb is of the utmost quality, the honest lyrical content was written the same way any bedroom record is written: straight from the hip, from the depths of the heart; Eli’s tremendous talent, craft, and heart-felt production shines through on every track.
Check out the new video on YOU TUBE