Girls Invade Grindr on a Hunt for Gay BFFs

Girls Invade Grindr 

      on a Hunt for Gay BFFs

 By Shaun Knittel 
Best Gay News Magazine Staff Writer
 “Yes, im [sic] a girl! Looking for fun gay shopping partners! Lets check out guys while we shop for shoes! 🙂 Must be plastic!” 
That is not what you’d expect to see when you get on Grindr, to get your grind on. But that is exactly what some guys are reporting has happened to them on the gay hook-up app. Girls (and I’m talking about real girls, not guuurls) have been popping up on Grindr, having made their own profiles in search of everything from a gay best friend to a shopping spree. 
 You name it, they want it. The only problem is they want it from you. 
Didn’t they get the memo? Have they been living under a rock? I mean, ladies, Grindr is not like Plenty of Fish. Gays actually hook up. And a majority of us use Grindr to do it. 
 Most of the so-called Gridnr girls’ profiles are of a headshot and are accompanied by a ridiculously sad message or chirpy message like, “I loveeee me some gayass :),” or “Yes I’m a girl! Ready to talk about fashion, ady gaga, Tina turner, and Zac Efron. Send in your apps to me today!”
 Grindr, which first launched in 2009, has exploded into the largest and most popular all-male location-based social network out there. With more than 4 million guys in 192 countries around the world — and approximately 10,000 more new users downloading the app every day.
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