Out Gay Rapper ROB.B Unveils his MEAT


I am not a big rap fan – but this caught my attention!

is the debut effort from the ‘out’ recording artist ROB.B. After a
summer in the studio and the release of a string of abundantly
popular teaser tracks, ROB.B is launching his highly anticipated
mixtape. Buzz surrounding the release includes his rendition of Rick
Ross’s “You The Boss,” featuring the hip-pop vixen Nicki Minaj,as well
as his viral smash remix to Rihanna’s summer hit “Birthday Cake.” Ready
to unleash this fifteen-track explosion, ROB.B assures that there is
something for everyone’s listening pleasures and perversions. ROB.B is
known for is controversial imagery and continues his radical trend with
an eye catching nude cover, showing off his meat and baring it all to
his fans. ROB.B turns contemporary hip-hop’s ‘no-homo’ stigma on its
head, and is sure to make the most conservative listener a little ROB.Bi

a year of working on something so close to me, I am so insanely glad to
have this mixtape out there and off my chest – I mean that literally, I
put my heart into this.” – ROB.B

his most confident moments to the most personal insecurities, ROB.B
truly breaks down stereotypes as the mixtape progresses through its
fifteen tracks. From foreplay to tragedy, this gay rapper lays it all
out on the table. ROB.B shows that ‘out’ rap isn’t all about the
eyeliner and or the societal repression, but instead brings a real sense
of personality to every lyric. Without flaw, ROB.B juxtaposes raw
syntax with lyrical versatility, never abandoning his
forceful, unapologetic individuality. His take on sexuality and its role
in the hip-hop world is something yet to be explored by other artists,
gay or straight. This is not a mixtape to miss.

Official: ROB.B

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