Twilight Star Bothered Customers in Gay Bay and gets Arrested for Meth Possession

“Twilight” actor Bronson Pelletier has allegedly been DRINKING  and  DOING DRUGS—a bit too much lately. .

The 25-year-old star caused a scene at West Hollywood’s Gym Bar
December 8, “hopping from person to person, group to group and making
everyone feel very uncomfortable,” reports TMZ. When Pelletier, who witnesses say appeared wasted, refused to leave, staffers called the police.

Officers initially arrested Pelletier for public intoxication, but
after they searched him, they discovered the source of his unbridled
energy—cocaine and methamphetamine.

On Monday, December 17, Pelletier was arrested again
at Los Angeles International Airport after allegedly peeing in public.
The star reportedly caused a disturbance aboard his plane before takeoff
and was booted from his flight. Deemed too intoxicated to fly,
Pelletier was asked to wait in the terminal for another flight, which is
where he decided to drop trou and relieve himself. He was arrested for
public intoxication.

Pelletier pleaded not guilty to both possession charges on December 11 and is due in court January 17.   Bronson has now spoken up about the situations and is claiming that he was setup and that neither of the events happened!  He claimed that a random man bought him drinks at the airport and then later snitched on him to have him kicked off the plane!

Just who was this drink-buying stranger? Well, according to Bronson’s reps, they think he was an “obsessed fan!”

In case the Twihard within you fails to recognize him, Pelletier
plays the character of Jared in the vampire film franchise, a Quileute