Neil Patrick Harris vs. Tim Tebow and the Bible

So get this!~    

Actor Neil Patrick Harris has been accused of pushing an anti-Christian and pro-gay agenda in a new Super Bowl advert. 

The How I Met Your Mother favorite donned Tim Tebow-style under eye face paint for the
advertisement, with the date of the NFL championship final etched on his
But he has been accused of ‘mocking Christianity’ in the promo,
as it plays on the fact the New York Jets quarterback uses it as a
device to print Bible verses. It says: ‘CBS, the television network airing the big game this year, is now using an outspoken homosexual actor to mimic Tim Tebow’s style of trumpeting messages in eyeblack on his face.
So is Tim Tebow is the only one allowed to put words under his eyes?
Furthermore, Neil put  NOTHING pro gay under his eyes. He could have put “Marriage Equality”  or something more pro gay. 
Have you seen Neils YouTube series PUPPET DREAMS? Produced with the Jim Henson Company’s “Henson Alternative” division, Neil’s Puppet Dreams premieres today on the Nerdist’s YouTube channel.
While upcoming episodes promise drag queens, puppet sex, and a
surprising amount of nudity — this ain’t a family webseries — the first
episode features a simple fear of falling and a vividly illustrative
song penned by co-creator and producer Janet Varney.