Gay Marriage Made Anti Gay Don Dwyer DRINK AND DRIVE

The gays are blamed for everything! Hurricanes, flooding, shootings…But this is a new one! 

A Maryland lawmaker charged with operating a boat under the influence of
alcohol, and crashed,  says that he began drinking more after separating from his wife
and feeling “betrayed” by longtime colleagues who voted for gay

From the Capital Gazette:

says he felt sold out when Dels. Tiffany Alston, Wade Kach and Bob
Costa voted for same-sex marriage, an issue he spent years crusading
against. Dwyer told reporters one day before the vote that he had enough
support to block the bill.

Kach, a Republican from Baltimore County, and Alston, a former Democrat
from Prince George’s County, voted against the bill in committee. But
Kach changed his vote after hearing testimony from gay couples. Alston
shifted her vote after her amendment was adopted.

Kach and Costa,
of Deale, were the only two House Republicans to vote for the bill. It
passed the House by two votes in February.

“I had no time to do anything,” Dwyer said. “Had I known earlier, I could have taken some action.”

“That betrayal really affected me,” he said. “I was physically ill. You
pour your heart into an issue like that and it’s devastating.”