Is AIDS FUNNY? Aids Jokes On The Rise

When did AIDS become funny?

TWICE recently,  an AIDS zinger was slung on the Chelase Handler / Chelsea Lately show.  I was shocked the first time. I was really shocked the second time! 
I watch her show every day. This happened twice in the last 14 days. And everyone on the round table thought it was funny and the audience laughed. I did not laugh. 
Last monthX Factor finalist James Arthur became embroiled in a three-day Twitter row with comedian Frankie Boyle. At one point James wrote: ‘Your (sic) about as funny as aids..

Thats not bad. Because AIDS is not funny. 

 But on Handlers show the AIDS comments drew laughs.  AIDS is not funny Chelsea. I have lost so many friends to AIDS – its no laughing matter. Whats next? Breast Cancer jokes? How about 9/11 jokes??
What makes AIDS funny?  but not breast cancer? NO disease or tragedy is funny.