Zico Coconut Water for Hydration

HYDRATION = Coconut Water

For more than 4,000 years, coconut water has been revered as a natural
source of nutrition, wellness, beauty and hydration. In times of famine
and war, coconut water has been used as an intravenous fluid and saved
many lives. It’s the only natural substance that can be safely injected
into the human blood stream. Now modern science has validated its
effectiveness, especially as a natural sports drink.

ZICO contains the five electrolytes that support your body with what it needs to stay hydrated and perform at your best. One ZICO has more potassium than a banana – 15 times more than most sports drinks – to prevent cramping. Drink ZICO before or during a workout for the natural energy you need for optimal performance. After a workout, ZICO replenishes and re-hydrates you to aide recovery.

A friend of mine said he did not care for the taste of coconut water. I told him to add it to his after work out protein shake. Now, he loves it!  Heck, you can even make a cocktail out of it and use it a mixer! Goes great with vodka. 

Over indulge at last nights cocktail party?  Coconut Water may just be what your body needs to help it recover from the night of adult beverage consumption and here is why.

Keep in mind that after a long
night of drinking the body is drained of vital fluids and nutrients.
This is due to the fact that alcohol is a diuretic and will deplete the
nutrients in your body in a very short amount of time. Coconut water
offers the fluids and nutrients that need to be replaced as soon as