Former Raider KWAME HARRIS allegedly Assaults Ex Boyfriend

 Yep – soy sauce and underwear. Two things that me and my husband always fight about!  

Former 49ers and Raiders offensive tackle Kwame Harris, who was arrested at a restaurant in Menlo Park on Aug. 21 after allegedly assaulting his ex-boyfriend was charged with felony abuse Monday, according to San Mateo County prosecutors. Harris pleaded not guilty.
Chief Deputy Dist. Atty. Karen Guidotti told the San Mateo Daily Journal that Harris and the alleged victim had been in a romantic relationship but were not involved at the time of the incident. Harris’ attorney, Alin Cintean, told the newspaper the two “were previously involved.”
Harris and Dimitri Geier were having dinner before Harris was to drive Geier to San Francisco International Airport. During dinner, Geier poured soy sauce on a plate of rice, angering Harris. When the two went to get Geier’s belongings from Harris’ car, Harris accused Geier of stealing his underwear and tried pulling his pants down.

Geier tried to get away, and Harris allegedly shook him and punched
him in the face. Geier had to have surgery to repair broken orbital
bones in his face. Harris claims Geier punched him first.

“This really is a pure self-defense case. He was attacked,” Cintean said.