Eli Lieb and Isaiah Grass – Trailblazing Recording Artists

Author, political strategist, civil rights activist and public affairs
advisor David Mixner blogs on his passions: progressive politics,
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He blogged about the current state of the music industry and how it’s changing, and used gay out recording artist Eli Lieb as a prime example. 
The world of music is dramatically changing and soon the CD’s will go
the way of the eight track. Artists are struggling to find ways to
make money and break into the big leagues.

Increasingly technology has made that effort both easier and more
difficult. With the new Samsung Galaxy phones, all you have to do is
tap two of them together to share play lists and no one has to pay a

The failure to pay for music is hindering tons of talented people from making a living with their art.

However the Internet, like talent shows, allow artists great exposure
and they can become huge sensations. They can place their music on
ITUNES or other sites and not have to share profits with a large company
or a team of personal advisors.

True Youtube.com sensations are becoming rarer as more people attempt it.

Iowa singer Eli Lieb has an amazing following of loyal fans. (with 8 million total YouTube views!). In a pop musical climate dominated by performers that are auditioned, packaged and produced for the public’s easy consumption, Eli Lieb has self-produced his debut album, titled simply Eli Lieb.  AND IT’S  AWESOME!  The collection of 10 original songs resonates with honest and touching sentiments within cinematic melodies, delivered in the spirit of uncompromising integrity. Appealing to fans of Robyn and James Blake, Eli Lieb has created something emotional and empowering. And he is now putting more songs for his second album.  OUT MAGAZINE recently caught up with Eli, check it out!

Another pop star, from North Carolina originally, has also built his own brand through social media networks. Since elementary school, Isaiah Grass has had a voice that has caught the attention of many. Singing with great energy, soul and purity of sound, he has been performing in front of audiences since the age of 7.

Isaiah was discovered in the summer of 2010 by LEDOM Management Group which happened to come across Isaiah’s photographs in Facebook. By late 2010, LEDOM Group became his managing company as a model and during late 2011 – LEDOM Enterprises signed him as a singer.

His debut single, “I’m a Freak”, was released worldwide on 01/11/11, becoming an internet hit with nearly 100,000 views in less than a month through his website. His second and third singles were acoustic songs with also a remarkable acceptance by his fans.

When asked about the future of his career, he gives a confident outlook on what he truly feels he has the ability to achieve; a music career working with the most talented and respected artists, a modeling career that breaks down barriers and inspires all to love themselves for who they are.

Both of these artists deserve our
five pink crowns stamp of approval.

Please support them!



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