Biggest Gayest Barbie Collection! 2000+ dolls

Talk about GAY GAY GAY!

‘I’m Barbie Man’: Collector spends $80,000 and fills four-bedrooms on 2,000 Barbies (and he has 1,000 Kens)

  • Stanley Colorite, 41, houses his collection of Barbies at his seven-bedroom home in Hudson, Florida
  • It has taken 16 years so far to amass the dolls and he won’t stop till the house is full
  • His partner Dennis Schlicker has 1,000 versions of Barbie’s boyfriend Ken
  • Mr Colorite spends $30,000 a year adding to his collection through jumble sales and eBay
  • Most expensive doll is the Pink Splendor Barbie, worth a thousand dollars