Is Sheldon Stephens an Innocent Victim?

KEVIN CLASH “the voice of ELMO” in trouble again. But this story really  annoys me. 

The age of consent is as low as 14 in some places around the world. And here is kid,  Sheldon Stephens says he was 16 when he met Clash at a
social networking function for actors.  Soon after, Stephens says the
two began a sexual relationship that escalated over a period of years.  Not just one evening. This was not rape. 

claims he was taken to Clash’s New York pad by chauffeured limo. While
there, he alleges Clash smoked crystal meth during their sexual
escapades. He says Clash also gave him poppers to intensify the

And I ask, did anyone twist your arm Sheldon??  
Did you enjoy it??  
I think this kid is trying to “extort” money from the situation. 

TMZ reported, Clash has been sued previously  by the three men — each of whom
claims Clash engaged in sexual activity with them when they were minors,
causing them mental and psychological damage.

The men claim they
only recently became “aware” of the damage that was done — which is
why it took them so long to sue — but Clash says that’s BS. And so do I.