Male Model and former Escort Justin Hernandez Takes you into his World!

What if the foundation of your life was based on abuse, denial,
cover-ups, and secrecy? 
How would that affect your decision-making
These are the questions Justin Hernandez asks himself as he
reflects upon his existence. From his upbringing in New York to a
cross-country move to Los Angeles for a dance career, every tumultuous
episode of his life is examined in this confessional memoir. Inside the Vortex is
the story of one man’s journey that is filled with deception, abuse,
addiction, sex, and stripping. At times, all the elements intersect.
Other times, they collide.
Born in New York and raised in the Bronx, Justin Hernandez traveled a
very interesting road to arrive at his writing career. After years of
holding down office jobs, he decided at the age of 27 to enter the
entertainment industry. Originally setting his sights on acting, he
switched gears after being offered a dance job while taking class at
Broadway Dance Center. He soon found himself performing on stage as a
back-up dancer for club music diva, Reina. Other opportunities followed
such as dancing for freestyle legend, Safire, as well as appearing in
episodes of MTV’s show, Global Groove.

He went to LA for a while and ended up back in NY. He started writing a
blog about his search for love as a gay man in his late 30s. Still an
optimist, Justin wanted to chronicle his experiences in the hopes of
providing inspiration to others who question if old-fashioned romance is
still worth believing in. He named his blog Naked in New York City to reflect his writing style, which he considers to be emotionally naked. Although it began as a dating blog, Naked in New York City
has evolved over time to incorporate commentaries about gay culture
that Justin finds intriguing. He also continues the self-exploration he
began on the West Coast by blogging introspective pieces about himself.

Justin alluded to his past in a few entries, but hadn’t really gone
into full detail since he felt his blog wasn’t the appropriate place for
those stories. During a vacation in London in July of 2011, Justin
wrote the first chapter of what would become his memoir, Inside the Vortex.
It is an emotional, and at times dark story, but the end result makes
it a journey that was worth the trip. Originally released on June 15,
2012, the memoir was reissued and received a wider distribution as an
expanded second edition on March 4, 2013. Justin currently resides in
Westchester County.

(the first edition SOLD OUT – they are now in the second edition)

Inside the Vortex: 2nd Edition