The New F Word, an Anti Bully Photo Campaign

After nearly a year of passion, dedication,
and development coupled with the unwavering support of our family,
friends, and some of our favorite celebs …

Friend Movement proudly presents: 



An edgy anti-bully campaign and brainchild of producers Ronnie Kroell
& Elliot London,
photographer Ryan Forbes, and branding guru Bianca
Kosoy. The New F Word aims to keep the conversation about bullying
alive, but more importantly it was designed to empower individuals and
inspire all of us to take ACTION.

Our goal is to shoot …

10,000 Photos in 90 Days, across 40 Cities

Fresno, Sacramento, Reno, Eugene, Seattle, Portland, Spokane,
Billings, Fargo, Minneapolis, Madison, Rockford, Chicago, Detroit,
Cleveland, Rochester, Boston, Provincetown, Philadelphia, DC, Raleigh,
NYC, Savannah, Jacksonville, Tampa, Orlando, Tallahassee, Mobile,
Montgomery, Atlanta, Chattanooga, Nashville  Birmingham, Jackson, Little
Rock, Kansas City, Omaha, Denver, Salt Lake City, Las Vegas.

When someone is being bullied, we want them to have an inner
monologue of “F-U  I’m amazing … I don’t need your approval.” By doing
so, they can reclaim their power and rise above the fear that can
prevent them from being the diverse, confident, and beautiful
individuals they were meant to be.

While we may not be able to fully eradicate
bullying, we can commit to being better friends to one another – to
ourselves. So, get those middle fingers ready because THE NEW F WORD is

Thank you for your time and support!!

Ronnie & Elliot

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