EVERYONE is standing by for the PROP 8 Ruling

 The justices are expected to issue a ruling WEDNESDAY  on
Proposition 8: California’s ban on same sex marriage.

 Supporters  in the California are planning a rally when the ruling comes
down, and local businesses are gearing up for the possibility of a BIG WIN on Prop 8! 

WATCH  Video by kmir6.com

Both Gregory Goodman and Alan Kelly have a love of flowers, and each other.
They married in 2008 in the the brief window that same-sex marriage was legal.
“So we’re down there in Mexico in May and they decided to make it
legal in the United States, in California. So we were like uh oh, we
have to do a wedding here too,” said Gregory, owner of My Little Flower
“Well when our families found out that we got married in Mexico,
they all went you can’t get married without us there,” said Alan.
“When the Supreme Court rules, it means many more people could be
walking down the aisle, My Little Flower Shop already has bookings for
July and August.
“We are looking for probably a 50 percent jump in business, we are
actually putting in a warehouse very soon just to get ready for it,”
said Gregory.
My Little flower shop is expanding to try to keep up with demand, and some hotels in California are booking up as well!