Jess Godwin Sings About Bullying

is being released at the start of summer break, because it is time away from
school when kids who are bullied can catch their breath. 

 During this rebuilding period, parents can
help by working with their child to find something to do that will enhance
their self-confidence while they are away from school.  Upon seeing this video, the hope is that parents
and their children will be inspired to explore healthier avenues of


If you are in anyway inspired
by Greater>Than, I would be
incredibly grateful if you would take the time to share it with anyone you feel
might benefit from the message.  We are
trying to reach as many students, parents, and teachers as possible.


Thank you,

Jess Godwin


The music video was inspired by a young
woman who struggled in school until she started taking guitar lessons:  
Paula’s Story: