Gay News from Chicago – Singer John Jones Karma Man

John Jones is a singer/songwriter from Chicago.

My third album, “Everything I Have,” is the album I was born to make.
 As the liner notes say, “It’s hard to imagine working any harder or
capturing more of my heart and soul than I did on this record.”  
part of me is there: the lover, the friend, the spiritualist…and, of
course, the flawed human being trying to keep his karma clean as he
navigates through times of light and dark.  Sonically it’s my most
organic album yet –  I wouldn’t call this Country Music but the earthy
arrangements certainly aren’t very far off.  Like my first two albums,
“Everything I Have” was recorded at home, and this time around I even
have a couple of real, live guitarists augmenting my songs instead of
the samples and patches I’m usually limited to when I work alone.
 People frequently ask me what the album sounds like, and I like to
think fans of Sheryl Crow, Chris Isaak, Coldplay or The Beatles have a
good chance of finding something to love here.

These are the stories of my life…spirutual beliefs, joys, heartbreak,
insecurities, resiliance, and of course love.  My name is John Jones,
and this is “Everything I Have.” 

KARMA  MAN  is the  first single and music video from my latest album, “Everything I
Have,” available on iTunes, Amazon, Spotify, and iheartradio.
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