HIDDEN HILLS Gay Comedy by Dan Steadman


Did you ever wonder what life in America would be like if LGBT
relationships were the norm? And if mixed race couples where the ONLY
acceptable matches? Well, that’s the world of the new feature movie,
“Hidden Hills.” It’s a new 72-minute comedy from Circa 87 Productions
and Out Of The Closet Entertainment.

It’s camp. It’s fun. It’s
funny. And it addresses the real live current issues of diversity,
acceptance, same-sex marriage, and the ability to be who you really are
— but through fresh eyes and with a novel approach. The producers hope
to open the eyes and hearts of some, and to entertain everyone.

It will premier live online October 11th, 2013. FREE. 
Please join us ONLINE at http://www.HiddenHillsTheMovie.com/
for the world premiere of “Hidden Hills.” If you plan to attend this
event ONLINE, please accept our invitation for you to JOIN US at this
online event!

Also,  please invite all your friends
and family who you think might enjoy a romantic comedy that will
challenge their beliefs on issues like interracial marriage, ageism,
common body issue stereotypes, and GLBT issues, this feature
film will make them laugh and think.

There is no nudity. No
violence. No bad language. So, why watch? We believe you’ll be glad you
did. We also know your friends will think your amazing for having
recommended such an amazing film to them FOR FREE! Yep, no Netflix
account needed here.

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