More Anti Gay Laws Could Come from Russia After the Olympics

when people were giving dire warnings about the Nazi’s in Russia and no
one listened? According to Masha Gessen, renowned Moscow-based
journalist, and author of a critical biography of Vladimir Putin, a 
bill has been tabled to remove children from the homes of Lesbian, Gay,
Bisexual, and Transgender (LGBT) families in Russia. This bill is likely
to be passed after the 2014 Olympic Games in Sochi.

Russia has
come under serious criticism for passing an “Anti-gay propaganda” Law
which forbids anything to be said about the LGBT community to people
under the age of 18 years. The law also makes LGBT parades or gatherings

Canadian Author Robert Joseph Greene has been
campaigning for the law to be repealed since his gay short fairytale
love story “The Blue Door” was used by Russian protesters. The short
story is from Greene’s book The Gay Icon Classics of the World II which
is a collection of gay love stories from different cultures. The story
is about a Tsar who proclaims that his three sons could marry anyone
they choose but he didn’t figure one of his sons would pick a man for
his life partner.

“The law has caused considerable alarm and
confusion for parents in Russia, “ says Greene “We found a website where
Russian mothers are voicing their concerns about the law”,
a Ukrainian based Russian website that features parenting articles,
recently published the full short story of “The Blue Door” for parents
to read. It is illegal to publish the short story on any Russian site. 
Svitman has received over 87 comments from Russian parents but their
concerns weren’t about the story but about the new Russian law.

upon the collective online comments from parents, the story was not
viewed as inappropriate. However, what was more alarming was that
Russian parents worry about  how the new Russian anti-gay propaganda law
would affect their families.

“Will I be arrested if my son or daughter turns out gay?” writes one mother’s comments.

Russia hosting the 2014 Winter Olympic Games, The new Russian “Anti-gay
Propaganda”  law has been criticized by Western politicians and human
rights groups, and has raised concerns that visiting gay athletes and
spectators could face discrimination or even legal action.

is history repeating itself when the Nazi’s hosted the 1936 Olympic
Games,” says Greene “The IOC was silent when the  1936 German Olympic
committee wanted to ban jews and blacks from participating and the IOC
is virtually silent now and the situation is clearly deteriorating for
the LGBT community just as it was for jews back in 1936.”

Svitman link:

From Huffington Post, one writer says the anti gay laws are a symbol of Russia’s decline…  The Soviet Union and all dreams of Russian empire have long faded.
The hopes and dreams of the Russian people are utterly defunct, and the
leading cause of death in Russia is reportedly drinking too much alcohol.

If we look at the Russian crisis of anti-gay laws, the rise of anti-gay fascist groups and the killing of political opponents,
it becomes very clear that Russia is on the verge of collapse. Putin
is also trying to revive Cold War tensions with the Snowden affair and
is bullying LGBT citizens as if this had any chance of resuscitating the
flaccid Russian economy. These are the symptoms of Russia’s sickly
infant, her dying democracy.