Gay Couple in London Die in Bizarre Accident Falling 20 Feet

 How awful. An off-duty police constable and his TV engineer
partner were killed when they plunged 20ft into a construction site
after hoardings gave way. – Reports  The Standard. – 

The “bizarre, tragic accident” happened near Euston station as
British Transport Police officer Gavin Brewer, 32, and his boyfriend
Stuart Meads, 34, who had worked on The Weakest Link, returned home from
a night out.

An official source confirmed to the Standard that
the men had leaned on boards round the building site on the corner of
Hampstead Road and Netley Street. The boards then gave way.

men fell into the hole — believed to be an uncovered roof light for a
basement flat — and suffered fatal injuries. London Ambulance Service
said both were pronounced dead at the scene.   READ  MORE  at  The Standard