Uber Sexy Gay BLAKE McIVER’s new song…Wish I Didn’t Need You

SO  SO  SEXY!~   Blake  McIver. 
This year we had Steve Grand, then Eli Lieb, now Blake McIver.  A year of sexy gay male singers!  Jake’s
voice is enough to carry the song, and the music itself is quite pretty.
You will not be disappointed with this song. While Steve Grand is more
country rock and Eli Lieb is more alternative rock, Blake’s song is more
of a Pop ballad but that’s what sets him apart from all the new out
artists who are breaking through and finding a big audience. Do not pass
Blake up. He’s great!   Plus Blake serves up a serious dose of sexiness.
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He’s also a go-go dancer.
Said McIver to Inside Edition: “It’s hard when you’ve been blessed to
have success at a young age, and then you wake up at 18 and no one cares
anymore…There’s no shame to getting paid to dance around in your
underwear.”  – HELL NO!
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