HBO Documentary Film “The Battle of amfAR” Premieres December 2nd

THE BATTLE OF AMFAR (premiering on HBO December 2nd at 9pm ET/PT with a sneak preview on HBO 2 on December 1st – World AIDS Day) tells the true story of when AIDS struck and two very different and extraordinary women – Hollywood icon Elizabeth Taylor and research scientist Dr. Mathilde Krim
– joined forces to take a stand and create America’s first AIDS
research foundation, AmfAR.

Everyone should watch this – especially the younger generation, who need to understand the history of the disease – and the fact, it has NOT went away. There is no cure!

  Their goal: to unveil the truth of the
disease as a worldwide pandemic in desperate need of funding for
scientific research to find a cure. 
Directed by Rob Epstein and Jeffrey Friedman (HBO’s
Sundance award-winning THE CELLULOID CLOSET and Oscar©-winning COMMON
THREADS:  STORIES FROM THE QUILT) and executive produced by fashion
Kenneth Cole, THE BATTLE OF AMFAR chronicles the organization’s history and continuing importance in the fight against HIV/AIDS.


tracing the roots of the AIDS pandemic—through the use of new and
archival interviews, news broadcasts, time lapse fluorescence microscopy
and animation—THE BATTLE OF AMFAR educates the viewer on the history of
the stigma of the virus by examining the political and social attitudes
towards those infected since the emergence of the disease.  Rife with
poignant interviews from co-founder Dr. Krim, footage of the late
Elizabeth Taylor, and a myriad of scientists, physicians, gay rights and
AIDS activists, THE BATTLE OF AMFAR not only contextualizes and tracks
the creation of the nation’s first AIDS research foundation, but
explores the contributions amfAR has made in the hunt for a cure for
HIV/AIDS.  Aileen Getty (Elizabeth Taylor’s former daughter-in-law),
Regan Hofmann (former editor-in-chief of POZ Magazine) and Phil
Wilson (Founder and Executive Director of the Black AIDS Institute) all
bring human elements to the film, furthering the narrative that the
story of HIV/AIDS is a human one.  Visit: for additional information.

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