How Health Care Reform Benefits LGBT Americans

“How Health Care Reform Benefits LGBT Americans”

From GoHealthInsurance

For many years, the LGBT community has experienced
disparities in the health system as they have been denied the same
rights as heterosexual Americans, have been found to have a high
percentage of preexisting medical conditions and have
experienced difficulty finding affordable health insurance.  Now
members of the LGBT community can have a sense of ease, as the
Affordable Care Act (ACA) and recent Defense of Marriage Act ruling
bring new health care rights and protections.


Under the ACA, insurance companies cannot
discriminate based on gender identity or sexual orientation, meaning
members of the LGBT community cannot be denied coverage or charged more
for being lesbian, gay, bisexual, or transgender. In
addition, health insurers cannot limit how much money they will spend
on medical care, over a year or over a lifetime. For the first time,
anyone living with a preexisting medical condition, including HIV/AIDS,
cannot be denied health insurance.  These changes
are substantial for the LGBT community as studies have shown that LGBT
people suffer from chronic illnesses that require long-term costs at a
higher rate than other Americans.


Just like heterosexual married couples, legally
married same-sex couples, now have access to federal tax credits that
lower the cost of insurance.  Even if a gay or lesbian couple lives in a
state that does not recognize same-sex marriage,
they can still apply jointly for federal tax credits.  This victory for
the LGBT community came in June 2014 when the U.S. Supreme Court’s
ruling overturned part of the Defense of Marriage Act. This decision
also allows same-sex married couples the right to
visit his or her partner in the hospital and name a representative to
make medical decisions on a patient’s behalf.


Finally, under the new Medicaid expansion, more
LGBT Americans will now qualify for Medicaid if their incomes fall under
the poverty line. This expansion is significant for the LGBT community,
because according to a report by

The Williams Institute, the LGBT community is more likely to live in
poverty, especially transgender men and women as they are less likely
to find a job. 


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