Heterosexual Awareness Month Facebook Page Shut Down for Hate

 There was a page/group on Facebook called The “Heterosexual Awareness Month”. 

I guess it has been around for some time but last week started pushing a  “book”  that jokes about killing gays.

Writes James Troia: “I reported this to Facebook several times, and Facebook has ZERO ISSUE with it.”
It looks as though the page has finally been taken down and someone grabbed the name to launch a friendlier version. “We here at the NEW Heterosexual Awareness Month are clearly aware that
heterosexuals exist and don’t really need awareness. And want our LGBT
friends family and allies to know that WE LOVE THEM VERY VERY MUCH 🙂  “
There is also a group called Heterosexual Awareness Month  (HAM)  is Stupid!