Pride Dolls! Rainbow Nesting Dolls Shine Light on Russia

Russia’s gay propaganda law is a dangerous proposition. It’s a dehumanizing violation of our basic human rights, and as the host country to the 2014 Olympics, it’s also a direct violation of the Olympic charter.
Proceeds from every set of Pride Dolls™ will help end discrimination in sport and raise awareness for equality in Russia and all over the world. 
Each set includes 7 dolls that represent all your favourite flavours. They’re hand carved, naturally dried, hand painted, then finished with several layers of non-toxic water based lacquer to ensure their pride stays vibrant for years to come.  7″  tall. 
Pride Dolls™ were conceived by Brahm Finkelstein, a straight ally from Toronto, Canada, who was looking for a way to raise awareness for the injustice taking place in Russia. Wanting a clean and minimalist design, he commissioned out artist Danilo Santino to illustrate faces you see before you. The dolls are hand painted to emphasize the uniqueness and individuality we all share.
Pride Dolls™ were created as an act of solidarity to protest the treatment of the gay community in Russia, and to use the 2014 Olympics as a launchpad for equality in organized sport.
Proceeds from every sale will be donated to the Gay and Lesbian International Sports Association – a non-profit organization dedicated to equality in sport.
Together we can end discrimination in sport and stand up for equality in Russia and all over the world.