Obama Thanks Edie Windsor

edie windsor obama

What a wonderful time to be gay. (Except in Russia and Uganda).  We are seeing so many advances in our lifetime, it can’t help but make you feel proud!

President Obama met this week with Edie Windsor, the octogenarian lesbian whose landmark case at the U.S. Supreme Court stuck down the so-called Defense of Marriage Act.

In a post on the White House’s official blog today, the Obama administration thanked Edie Windsor for her role in advancing equality for LGBT Americans. And on Wednesday, President Barack Obama himself thanked the 84-year-old lesbian widow for taking her case to the U.S. Supreme Court and earning a landmark ruling that effectively gutted the so-called Defense of Marriage Act.

“When the Court handed down its decision last June, President Obama called Edie from Air Force One to congratulate her on her victory,” wrote senior Obama adviser Valerie Jarrett on the White House blog today. “And earlier this week, the President invited Edie to the France State Dinner and the Oval Office to thank her in person. … The thanks expressed by the President that day have been echoed by millions of Americans, including thousands of legally married couples who can now live their lives with greater justice and dignity — thanks to heroes like Edie Windsor who have been willing to stand up and fight for equality under the law.”