Male Model Singer Quentin Elias Has Massive Heart Attack


Sadly, model, actor, singer QUENTIN ELIAS died yesterday of a massive heart attack. He may have been 33 – or 39, no one knew for sure. The official press release will come today – many people speculate steroids were the cause – Quentin always said he  never ever did any drugs.

Strangely, the last song he recorded in October, Why Did You Leave Me Now, Why Did You Die, will become his own swan song.

Elias has modeled for several fashion designers such as Armani and Jean Paul Gaultier.

He relocated to New York in 2002 and released the single “Always the Last to Say Goodbye”. He also performed at local gay venues and events such as Splash Bar, and Tom of Finland events.


Besides performing some original songs, Elias has recorded some covers, like Madonna’s song “Holiday”, and “Shattered Dreams” by British pop group Johnny Hates Jazz. Continuing to perform and record, Elias released a maxi single “Serve It Up” in 2005 and a solo album “What If I?”

In September 2005, he started his own corporation Quentin Elias Music, Inc.. As a return to the French public after years in the States, he engaged in a comeback tour in 2011 and 2012, that included dates various European francophone venues under the title “Quentin Elias (Re Invented)” promoting his new release and remakes of old hits.


A year later he returned with the Justify 2013 Tour.  Here is our tribute to him….more at the end…

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