Noam Ash and My Gay Roommate

my gay room mate youtube

My Gay Roommate (MGR)  is a rather new comedy web series that explores the relationship between two college roommates – one who is very gay, and one who is straight. It follows their experiences, altercations, and the slightly absurd situations they find themselves in as first time college students — everything from losing their virginities to cleanliness and everything in between.  Season 1 was released in November 2012.  Season 3 has just started and episode one finds Nick in New York, looking for a new roommate.

“We started out  our senior year at Tufts with a bunch of our friends in a college dorm. The team felt that a gay-straight friendship duo hadn’t been explored much in the media, so we decided to make our own series for the interwebs.” tells  Noam.


MGR is about us. We (Austin Bening and Noam) were roommates all four years of college. Our content is basically a dramatic interpretation of our own lives.  We wanted to collaborate on a project for a while, and ended up telling on our own story. It was a four year research process that led to this little series.  “

“Even at a liberal place like Tufts, people found our relationship odd.  Some thought Austin was secretly gay, or that Noam had this insatiable crush on him.  But in reality, we were just two best friends.

Not a lot of media explores the Gay-Straight dynamic in a way that describes us, so we thought we’d add our own voice. It was also a way for us to document our time at college. My Gay Roommate season 1  is the ‘greatest hits’ of our freshman year told in 20 minutes.”

Even if you never  had a straight roommate, you’ll still find this show funny and entertaining as it covers everything from the guys losing their virginity to cleanliness and a very funny buttery episode.


We hoped it would find an audience, but we never thought it would catch on like it did, ” says  Noam. The are approaching 2,000,000 views!

“the Internet can be a wonderful place. We love the tweets, blog posts, likes, comments, everything. It makes our day!! Keep watching – lots more fun to come!”