I’m From Driftwood – New and Improved


With new stories, new partners, a new look, and a new program, I’m From Driftwood is taking its mission of increasing empathy and understanding to a whole new level.

Every single Wednesday, you’ll find a brand new Video Story on ImFromDriftwood.com. While the stories will be new, the message to the LGBTQ community will be the same as it has been since IFD launched almost 5 years ago: No matter who you are, what you’re going through, or where you are, you are not alone. Subscribe to IFD’s YouTube channel so you’ll never miss a story.


The most pressing issue facing the LGBTQ community today is homelessness that affects queer youth, particularly trans women of color. Their voices and stories need to be heard. That’s why IFD is launching the Weekly Video Story program with a story by Angela Louis. After being kicked out of her home as a teenager, Angela lived on the streets and in shelters before moving in with an abusive boyfriend. She then turned to escorting to help support herself, all while going through the process of gender transition. It wasn’t easy for Angela but even as thoughts of suicide began creeping into her mind, Angela decided that she would not give up, and with the guidance and support from some special people along the way, she found herself thriving back in NYC and doing better than ever. Her message will inspire you; Watch Angela’s story and help get the word out by sharing it on Facebook.

In addition to helping I’m From Driftwood find storytellers, IFD’s Resource Partners pick up where the stories leave off, providing resources and information about the issues covered in the story. This week’s Resource Partner is The Forty to None Project, which “works to bring the number of homeless youth who identify as lesbian, gay, bisexual, or transgender from 40 percent to none.” Forty to None’s Project Director, Jama Shelton, explains further:


Up to 40% of youth experiencing homelessness identify as LGBT; this is an issue that requires our attention. The mission of the Forty to None Project, a program of the True Colors Fund, is to raise awareness about and bring an end to LGBT youth homelessness. It is imperative that young people’s voices are included in our efforts, and we are so proud of Angela for sharing her story and so grateful to I’m From Driftwood for raising this issue.


If you, or anyone you know, needs more information or resources concerning issues facing homeless LGBTQ youth, be sure to check out The Forty to None Project.

Stories, stories, stories.

That’s what you should see when you visit ImFromDriftwood.com. I’m From Driftwood has collected nearly 900 stories since launching in 2009 and while the new layout of the site focuses heavily on the Weekly Video Story, it also brings the older stories back up to the home page. Some of those older stories have literally saved lives so there’s no reason they should be buried under years of content. The older stories will be based on story themes and tags. Ready for some stories, old and new? It’s still in the beta phase, but head on over and check out the new site.