Real Life Ken Doll Justin Jedlica


Perfection. Beauty. Tolstoy said, “If you look for perfection, you’ll never be content.

Ask Justin Jedlica, who has been referred to as the human ken doll.

I’ve always been into plastic surgery because it’s an extension of me being creative,” he said.

Growing up, Jedlica was a straight-A overachiever with a secret loathing: His nose was “astronomically huge.” He got a nose job, and has since had four more, each one “not as extreme and exaggerated as I wanted,” he said. “I’m closer to … the picture that I have in my head … but it’s still not a hundred percent.” Jedlica has also had five lip injections.

ht_justin_jedlica_before surgery

I can treat myself as if I were my own sculpture, my own artwork,” he said of the multiple surgeries. Justin has actually designed some of his own implants  himself — leading to his own plastic surgery consultation business.

This is a very exciting time because not only am I creating new implants for myself, I am also in the process of finding the right distributor for my line of custom implants as there are limited options in the current marketplace which simply do not fit everyone,” Jedlica told Radar in an exclusive interview this week. He also revealed he is now up to 145 procedures completed and a tab of more than $168,000. That includes silicone implants in his buttocks, belly, biceps and triceps, among others.

He told “20/20” that he won’t stop changing his body any time soon. “I love to metamorphosize myself, and the stranger the surgery the better,” he told ABC News. “Bucking the norm is so much fun.”

I think some  gay men and some straight women are obsessed with beauty and perfection? We are never happy – we are never “there”, where we want to be, we can never satisfy our cravings for perfection. I have photographed countless male models who look great!  But never 100%  happy.


I think I have a great eye for the human body and for the artistic finesse. I was a sculptor and a painter – and I think this is an extension of that.” says Jedlica.

I have found my passion – I am a detailed oriented person. I never thought I was unattractive – and I was always lean – so I had a good body to work with.

It does not come from a place of me being unhappy with myself, it does install confidence and self esteem. I was never dissatisfied with myself  but knowing you can be a better version of yourself and the world receives you in a  different way – when you look you best you are received better from other people- that’s worth the investment in yourself.”

I am looking to develop ab implants and have already talked with 7 doctors. I want to be the first person to develop this as a procedure. And that makes it very exciting for me.”  said Justin.



Since relocating to Chicago last summer to be closer to his new husband’s business, Jedlica hopes he can grow his plastic surgery consulting business in the Midwest.

I’d love to expand my client list to Chicago,” Jedlica said of his consulting business, which charges $500 for a single-session assessment of procedure options, doctor recommendations and drawing up a rough treatment plan.

But while Los Angelenos treat their plastic surgery “like a badge of honor” and New Yorkers are “very hush-hush” about it, but “definitely partake,Jedlica said Chicagoans seemmuch more conservative about it.”

The launch of my consultancy allows me share all that I have learned with others looking to have cosmetic and/or reconstructive procedures, but are confused or overwhelmed by the process,” Jedlica said. “Over the years I’ve received so many emails and letters asking for advice that I am thrilled to have formalized a way to help those looking for guidance.

I don’t think its an addiction, its not mental illness. When people are opposed to what I am doing, it makes me want to fight back ten times stronger and show people that what I am doing can be a positive thing for people.

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