Mother Jones expose on Gay Hater Scott Lively

scott lively enemy number one

A week after Uganda’s harsh new anti-gay law was signed into law by President Yoweri Museveni, Mother Jones has published an investigation of Scott Lively, the American pastor and Massachusetts gubernatorial candidate who has traveled from Moscow to Kampala with the goal of criminalizing homosexuality. According to Ugandan gay rights activists, Lively “has played an unparalleled role in fostering the climate of hate that gave rise to Uganda’s anti-gay law.” Sexual Minorities Uganda, an umbrella organization for gay-rights groups, has even filed “a first-of-its-kind lawsuit in US federal court, accusing Lively of international crimes against humanity,” reports @MariahCBlake.
You can read the full article, which details the history of Lively’s involvement in Uganda and elsewhere, here.
Mother Jones has also obtained exclusive video footage of Lively and others laying the groundwork for Uganda’s internationally-condemned anti-gay law. In one video, Lively addresses Uganda’s parliament warning of western agitators seeking to spread “the disease” of homosexuality to Ugandan children: “When they see a child that’s from a broken home it’s like they have a flashing neon sign over their head,” he claims.
In another video, Lively likens homosexuality to a disease, suggesting that Ugandan children would engage in orgies on school buses if Ugandan officials didn’t “actively discourage” same-sex relations. In another video, he draws a continuum of the various types of gay men, as he explains, from transsexuals and transvestites to “super machos” and “monsters” whom he equates with Nazis.
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