Gay Man Sues Ex-Boyfriend For Being Closeted



Here is an amazing story about a gay man suing his ex-boyfriend for essentially being in the closet. The court papers were filed on Valentine’s Day this year.

The gay man is claiming damages for money invested in his ex while not initially knowing he was in the closet and not knowing how the ex was conflicted out his sexuality due to religious teachings. The suing man is essentially saying that it’s unfair he invested money in him without knowing to what extent he was closeted and to what extent he was conflicted about his sexuality. Additionally, the suing man is claiming emotional distress damages.

What’s more, the suing man is homeless living out of an automobile and claims his ex promised to pay him for a gym membership so he could access showering.

The suing man is YouTuber Jeff 4 Justice. WATCH HIS VIDEO


This case could set an interesting precedent regarding gay couples. This is a small claims case set in Los Angeles for 4-21-14.