Gaga’s Born This Way Foundation Has High Expenses

Lady Gaga dressed in all white and holding a bouquet of flowers.

It REALLY irritates me when I see “non-profits”  wasting so much money behind the scenes, that there is nothing left to do any good.

Years ago Dionne Warwick was involved in early  an AIDS benefit  called “That’s What Friends Are For”.  MILLIONS of dollars were raised, but charities saw very little after her expenses.

Barbra Streisand does a charity show and gives 90% of the money to charity, taking very little for herself.

Lady GaGa’s Born This Way Foundation is “to foster a more accepting society, where differences are embraced and individuality is celebrated.

Both The New York Post and Roger Friedman at Showbiz411 report that records show that in 2012, the Born This Way Foundation claimed $2.1 million in net assets and brought in $2.6 million in donations. But a giant chunk of that money went to paying off lawyers, consultants, publicists, travel expenses and all sorts of other shit. Total spent on expenses was around $1.5 million and total spent on actual charity was $5,000, which is probably half of what that curdled sperm catsuit cost. The Post breaks down the charity’s expenses like this:


$406,552 – legal fees
$300,000 – strategic development
$150,000 – philanthropic consulting
$348,00 – bus-tour productions
$77,923 – travel
$60,000 – research
$58,678 – publicity
$50,000 – social media development
$47,825 – meeting and event coordination
$5,000 – grants to organizations or individuals

Roger Friedman says that another $808,661 was spent on “other.”

Lady GaGa’s mom, who’s the president of the charity, doesn’t get paid and Lady GaGa claims she funds most of the charity herself.

A spokeswhore for the Born This Way Foundation told the Post that their goal isn’t to give grants and shit. Their goal is to raise awareness. They taught 19,000 kids about “civic engagement” during their bus tour last summer.

WOW.  Why bother?