Singer Songwriter Jared Huff

jared huff musician singer LGBT gay

Jared was born in Louisville, KY and grew up with his mother and sister in the Indiana college town of West Lafayette. At the age of 10 his family saw a passion inside him to be a performer as he would put on concerts for the neighbors outside on the porch. Usually with some lights and a microphone that didn’t actually work he would sing songs by Aerosmith, George Michael, Queen, etc.

Jared has always had an eclectic music taste that also includes r&b, hip hop, pop, and classic rock. Growing up he excelled in music and learned various instruments including percussion, clarinet, flute, and acoustic guitar. He also studied with a vocal coach throughout college at Purdue University, where he obtained a bachelor’s of science in Hospitality & Tourism Management. Upon graduating however, there was an undeniable void – a calling. So in 2011 he made up his mind, packed his car and moved to California.

In January 2012 he was booked to perform in Orange County at an industry mixer. It was there that he met his soon-to-be manger and producer Martin Vidal. At this point in his life he knew that there was only one thing left to do in order to pursue his dream, so in April 2012 he made the move to Hollywood. From that moment he began working tirelessly on his demo EP in and out of the studio, with three original songs. Jared has performed in many clubs and mixers since the release, and as of spring 2014 has been back in the studio recording two new songs. 2014 will undoubtedly be a great year for Jared, and a great year in music.

When asked about what sets Jared apart, Martin Vidal responded,”It’s really rare to find an artist like Jared. I get approached all the time by people saying they want to do this or want to do that…everyone out here is trying to make it. But everything that Jared told me he would do he has done. Nothing or anyone can hold him back. It’s artists like him that I want to work with.

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