Bette Midler New Album

bette midler new album

Fall and Winter see some of the best new releases!  This year  is HUGE!

We have  Lady Gaga  and Tony Bennett Cheek to Cheek (Deluxe), Barbra Streisand Partners,   Whitney Houston Live: Her Greatest Performances (CD/ DVD)!   And now  Bette Midler It’s The Girls.


From the people who brought you “Beaches” and “Hairspray: The Musical” comes something gayer than you ever could’ve imagined. It’s the triumphant return of Bette Midler, of course!

“It’s The Girls!” was produced by Mark Shaiman (“Hairspray”), and it’s dropping November 4 on Warner Bros. Records. The album is sure to push the boundaries of “campy” — from the title’s exclamation point to the album’s entire premise — covers, but only of girl group hits; it’s everything from 30s trios like the Andrews Sisters to TLC.

bette  says, “I have loved the sound of females harmonizing since I was a kid; I always sang along. Didn’t we all? […] I think the idea that you could become part of the group was the thing that endeared me to the girl groups. You weren’t just singing along, you were THERE!”