Good Samariton Got 3 Arrested in Gay Bashing


How many times do you sit by the sidelines and do nothing but gripe about crimes?

Sometimes, we have the power within our means to actually do something AND WE NEED TO DO SOMETHING! And  Not stand by and wait for the police!

Twitter user @FanSince09,  played an instrumental role in identifying the suspects in the September 11 gay bashing in Center City, Philadelphia.  Had he not jumped in a helped solve the crime, this case may very be still in limbo.

He appeared on The View  and local news  to share why (and how) he decided to put his social media skills to work and help solve a crime.


Now the 3 perpetrators await trial. Thanks  to  @FanSince09!!

The preliminary hearing date was set for December 16th, at which point the case will be brought before a municipal court judge to determine if there was probable cause to arrest the suspects. Attorney for Kevin Harrigan, Josh Scarpello, tells me, “we won’t decide the truth of the matter in that first hearing. It is a probable-cause hearing to establish if the case should go to trial.”

Scarpello confirms that all three defendants have pleaded not guilty.