Channing Tatum Steve Carroll Foxcatcher


This looks  GREAT!   Based on a shocking true story, Channing Tatum and Steve Carell star in the upcoming film Foxcatcher. EVERYONE is talking about both Channing and Steve and their award winning performances.

It is about a wrestler (Tatum) who wants to be the best wrestler in the world and a mysterious older benefactor (Carell) who offers him his patronage.

Dave Schultz was an Olympic and world champion freestyle wrestler. While training for another Olympic bid, he was killed by a gunshot from mad athletic sponsor John Eleuthère du Pont. Four months after Dave’s murder, his brother Mark competed in UFC 9 and won. Dave Schultz is the only 1984 Olympic Champion to win the 1983 World Championships and Mark is the only 1984 Olympic Champion to win the 1985 World Championships. When Mark won another World Championship in 1987, he became the first Olympic Champion to add two additional World titles. What a story!

What begins as a mutually symbiotic relationship quickly devolves into something darker and more twisted.

Channing talks about the grueling training and how it changed him, “Look, when you’re in that kind of a movie, it doesn’t matter if you’re hurt or not,” the actor told Yahoo. “You keep moving forward. I don’t think my knees will ever be the same after that, and I still have cauliflower ear. But if I came out of the movie without it, I’d feel like I didn’t do something right.”