Gay Singer Gallavin Releases 2nd CD

gallavin gay singer

Gallavin releases his second album So Sad the Songs next week. Under the sign of melancholy, this album traces the spleens of lost years and time passing by. It narrates the solitude of old broken hearted lovers whose once flamboyant passion has faded out throughout the seasons. So Sad the Songs is a journey through nostalgic and melancholic songs of yesterday arranged by Guy-François Leuenberger and Pierre Sottas.

The first single Avec le temps from Léo Ferré and its music video highlight the spirit of the new album. In a chiaroscuro atmosphere, the music video symbolizes with the circular movements how time weakens our passions and leaves us frozen in big the theatre of our lives.

Gallavin is performing three showcases to present his new album with the company of Catherine d’Oex the 1st, 2nd and 15th November 2014, respectively at the Palais DuPayrou in Neuchâtel, at the Jet’lag Club, MAD in Lausanne, and at Dialogai (INSIDE) in Genève, at 7pm. Gallavin is also singing the 13th November 2014  at the theatre of the Moulin-Neuf in Aigle at 7:30pm with François Bettens at the piano. Details can be found on

The CD can only be ordered on Gallavin’s website The album can nevertheless be downloaded on different Internet stores.