Alex Minsky Nude Photos Leaked

Alex-Minsky nude naked pictures
I love this man!

GQ spoke with Marine-turned-model Alex Minsky, who overcame having his leg amputated to become something of a pinup for patriotic gay men everywhere.

“I love gay men,”

revealed Minsky, 25, “because if they like something, they’ll let everybody know.”

He’s less thrilled, though, about having his nude photos leaked last winter—months before the  current crop of stars had their privacy invaded:

I went into freak-out mode,” he says. “I don’t have a team of people taking care of my Internet snafus.” Still: What does it mean when a soldier’s broken body becomes not an admonition about the horrors of war but, rather, a sex object? “Maybe I just like being naked,” he says. “Ever think of that?”


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