Go Go Boy Interrupted



What does a full time go go boy do, when it’s time to move on from the business?

After taking a cold hard look at what his  life had become,  go go boy  Danny Carter,   decides to hang-up his booty shorts (he gets fired!), retire from the go-go world and try to make a brighter, more stable future for himself. But where does he go?  He is longer in his twenties, and has no real job skills….

“The concept for “Go-Go Boy Interrupted” was born from my time as a go-go dancer while I pursued my BFA in Acting from USC (both experiences were major letdowns in terms of “real world skills”). ”  explains  Jimmy  Fowlie. “But I was fascinated with the Go-Go scene: the larger than life drag queens to the out of control 19 year old party boys, there was so much comedy potential.”

Jimmie Fowlie is behind this funny show!  @jimmyfowlie (writer/ Danny Carter) has been involved in television and internet comedies such as HBO’s The Comeback, The Joe Schmo Show, CollegeHumor Originals, and Jimmy Kimmel Live!. He recently wrote on the punch up for the ABC Family television pilot Phys Ed. His theater credits include the premiere of the comedy “Bloody Bloody Andrew Jackson”, the 2014 CBS Diversity Sketch Showcase and currently he can be seen performing live sketch and improv at The Groundlings, UCB, and Second City LA. He is an alum of the Sunday Company at The Groundlings theater where he teaches improv.

8 episodes in all –  super funny  show  I am sure YOU WILL  LOVE!


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