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Davey Wavey asks..what if Jesus was on Grindr


Davey Wavey asks…What if Jesus was on GRINDR?


(and if you missed it – here is an article we did on Davey a couple years ago)


Topless Chelsea Handler in Israel

chelsea-handler israel topless

Chelsea Handler poses topless with Star of David pasties while riding a camel in Israel!

“A Muslim allowed a topless Jew to sit on his camel,” the outspoken comedian captioned a photo on Instagram Wednesday that shows her riding a camel wearing only Star of David pasties, black slacks and black boots.

The 39-year-old former “Chelsea Lately” host arrived in Israel over the weekend and performed at a fund-raiser in Tel Aviv on Sunday supporting Sheba Medical Center’s Tal Center for Integrative Oncology, according to the Jerusalem Post.

In addition to her benefit comedy gig, Handler also filmed a one-on-one interview with former Israeli President Shimon Peres and paid a visit to Jerusalem.

NETFLIX  will be airing 3  Chelsea specials this year and her new talk show, following her long run on E!, is set to begin in 2016 and will be the first programming of its kind on the Netflix streaming service.


Animated LGBT Webseries Tackles Issues


McTucky Fried High is the brainchild of filmmaker, illustrator and activist, Robert-Carnilius, who was named one of NewCity’s Film 50 and was a 2014 Student Academy Awards® Finalist.

It is also one of twelve projects funded by the Chicago Digital Media Production Fund from Chicago Filmmakers and the Voqal Fund.

Using comedy and a host of diverse characters, McTucky Fried High tackles subjects absent in mainstream cartoons. While foregrounding LGBTQ characters, it focuses on issues teens face. Across five episodes, the web series will explore coming out, extreme diets, being genderqueer, bullying, and sexting.

Each episode will be released bi-weekly starting January 26, 2015 on where people can sign up for the Mctucky Bites newsletter for exclusive content and sneak peek privileges.



Jeza Belle’s Pink Panty Dropper cocktail

Internationally known New York City drag queen, actress, comedienne, columnist, and cocktail connoisseur Jeza Belle will make her publishing debut on October 7, with The Harlot’s Guide To Classy Cocktails.

Part drink recipe book, part he-larious drunken memoir, the coffee table book contains Jeza’s own classy (The Dietrich) and, uh, not-so-classy (MAI Cock is TAI-ed Back) cocktail recipes along with the favorite drinks and messy memories of some of the world’s most famous drag queens, among them, Sherry Vine, Latrice Royale, Barbie Breakout and Rupaul’s Drag Race contestant,Yara Sofia. (See the full list of twisted queens here.)


Other queens featured include a #1 Billboard artist, reality show winners and contestants, social media sensations, rising pop stars, and a bevy of other bevvy lovers from over a dozen countries on six continents.

New York’s own Lady Bunny wrote the book’s hilarious introduction.

The Harlot’s Guide to Classy Cocktails will be available on October 7 in hardcover and eBook (iBook, Kindle, Nook) formats. Much more to come from Jeza Belle in anticipation of the books’ debut, including a trailer video, website, and a weekly reveal of each of the featured queens starting in August.Meanwhile, check out Jeza’s YouTube channel where you’ll find her zany comedic/sci-fi web series, “Jeza and the Belles” and clips of her live at various NYC clubs, such as Caroline’s Comedy Club and The Duplex.

You can find her celebrity interview column for Starpulse here.     


Eternity – The Movie

Eternity_the movie gay news



“Note perfect…Strikes just the right chord.” – Fanboy Planet

“Seriously hard-core tongue in cheek love card to the 1980s.” – Frontiers LA

Get ready to laugh to the max for all of eternity.” – Content Magazine

With a cast of hot newcomers and veteran character actors, VFRPR and Sidecar Productions are bringing Eternity: The Movie to theater screens in all of its 80’s glory beginning October 17th in New York at the AMC Empire 25, October 24th in Los Angeles at the Laemmle Music Hall 3, with additional markets across North America to follow.

Regrettable fashion, synthesized riffs, and power ballads dominate the 1985 music scene. That’s when Todd Lucas, a young and talented musician, moves to Los Angeles in hopes of making it big. Searching for someone to share his passion for smooth R&B music, Todd meets up with BJ Fairchild, a cocky loner who is convinced his life is more glamorous than it is.

eternity the movie hall and oates

The two musicians have big dreams but little future until their best friend, Gina Marie, gets them the break of a lifetime. Fate brings them together, love tears them apart, and their songs of heartbreak and loss redefine their genre. Todd and BJ epitomize the awkwardness of an era while becoming R&B’s most mediocre duo… Eternity.

The film features performances from a mix of rising stars such singer/actor Barrett Crake (Bruno and Earline Go To Vegas), Myko Olivier (TV’s “Castle”), acclaimed vocalist Nikki Leonti (Nikki & Rich, TV’s “Glee”) and cult favorites John Gries (Napoleon Dynamite, Real Genius, The Monster Squad), Martin Kove (The Karate Kid, TV’s “Cagney and Lacey”) and Academy Award nominee Eric Roberts (Runaway Train, Star 80, The Dark Knight), whose role as the duo’s fey store manager Frontiers LA called “worth the price of admission alone”.





Comedy Series based on OUT GAY Soccer Player Robbie Rogers

Robbie Rogers

GAY SOCCER player Robbie Rogers is the focus of a new gay comedy series.

The story of professional soccer player Robbie Rogers, who became the first openly gay man to compete in a top North American professional sports league, is headed to television.

Universal Television has optioned Rogers’ story rights for Craig Zadan and Neil Meron’s Storyline Entertainment to develop and produce a comedy series inspired by the young athlete’s experiences.

Neil Meron and Craig Zadan – the openly gay producers of the last two Academy Awards telecasts and next year’s as well – will develop and produce the series based on Rogers’ experiences, according to Deadline Hollywood.


‘Very excited and fortunate to be working with so many great people on this project!’ Rogers tweeted yesterday.

Rogers, 27, came out publicly in February 2013 through a heartfelt online post published shortly after he retired from professional soccer.


Heklina Heklina talks Tranny and Trannyshack


TRANNY has been in the news a lot lately.

Are people over reacting? Why can’t we “own it”  like  “fag”?

Heklina Heklina — the organizer of San Francisco’s “Trannyshack” party — publicly announced that she would drop the word “tranny” from her party and re-brand it with a new name by 2015.

ON FACEBOOK, she  said: a public Facebook post, Heklina said, “Whether I like it or not the very name of my legendary nightclub has become political.”

“First, a little history about the name Trannyshack, and the club itself. When I started the club (waaaaaay back in 1996) the word “tranny” did not have the charged weight to it that it has today. Simply put, it was not (arguably) considered a slur word, and not even thought of on the same level as the words “dyke” or “faggot” (two words which, maybe ironically, have somehow become less charged and have been “reclaimed” to a certain degree-for instance, leading the Pride Parade in San Francisco every year are the Dykes On Bikes. I can’t imagine in this day, a contingent called Trannies On Bikes). There are people who might argue this, but I’m sorry it just was not a word thought of as a slur on the same level as today. It was just not. I considered the name transgressive, and cutting edge…

Every walk of life came to, and performed at, Trannyshack. Gay men, lesbians, drag kings, drag kings, M to F’s, F to M’s, Faux Queens, and yes, even straight people. It won every award for Best Drag show in SF every year, and is generally thought to have redefined drag on the West Coast. It didn’t matter (and still does not) what gender you were, or what you had between your legs, if you were a great performer you were welcome on the Trannyshack stage. It grew to mean a great deal to a great many people…

However. Increasingly, and in the past year especially, it’s become clear to me the meaning the word tranny has taken on. I’ve tried to avoid the issue because I’ve spent almost 20 years branding and promoting my club. But more and more, I am asked on the street, in interviews, and online about my thoughts on the word, and the name of my club. I’ve given the answer “Oh, my club is different, it means so much to so many people, it’s this it’s that, etc.”, but it’s been nagging at me.

I started to talk to people close to me about the need for a rebrand. What really was the clincher for me was a post I saw on Facebook by a performer at my club . I wasn’t tagged in the post, but came across it anyway. He said how excited he was to be performing at my club but, out of embarrassment, he couldn’t type the name of it, and something along the lines of “you all know where it is”. Ouch, OK. Time for a rebrand.

I am in the business of (hopefully) entertaining people. It’s never been my intention to hurt people. I am not another Shirley Q. Liquor, wanting to offend just for sake of it. Also, on a purely business level, I don’t want to be viewed as archaic, out of step with the times, like an ostrich with my head in the sand.

As I see it, there’s two ways we can deal with this. We can see this as progress and a step forward, or we can engage in fighting and divisiveness. Whichever one you choose I am going for progress, and away from hurt and anger.”

Until the 2015 roll out, Heklina has decided to use “T-Shack” as a temporary name while she researches a better one. She then refused to engage the matter further via Facebook, but invited people to talk with her about the old and new names face-to-face.


Straight Men React To GAY Grindr App


I just have to say – a straight dude that wears a t-shirt with Godzilla spewing rainbows is pretty cool!

Urban Dictionary defines Grindr as a “location based iPhone/iTouch App for gay, bi, and curious men to meet”, but most people assume that gay men use it just to hook up. Watch these nine straight guys scroll through the infamous app to see what’s really down the rabbit hole.

Video  by Neil McNeil

STRAIGHT GUYS (in order of appearance):
Jared – @JaredJacovich
Omar – @OmarNajam
Mike – @MSellari
Stephe – @StephenMatthias
Bradley – @bradwingood
Roger – @RogerOuellette

Neil McNeil
PO Box 46787
Los Angeles, CA 90046

Twitter – @Neil_McNeil
Instagram – NeilMcNeil
Facebook –
Tumblr –




Grand Theft Auto 5 with Coco Peru


Need a laugh today?  Coco Peru

always makes me laugh!

Coco Peru braves the perils of Los Santos…  WATCH  NOW

Twitter @themisscocoperu…
Tumblr: therealmisscocoperu


Les Beaux Frères – Raphael and Yohan

les beaux freres boys towles cirque 2015

2015!   Watch for these boys!

“Les Beaux Frères” are a dynamic and appealing duo. Their charisma and talent has been praised through North America, Europe, Asia, and Latin America. Their training at the National Circus School in Montréal and the Circus School of Québec have elevated their performance technique to an international calibre, and has also contributed to their versatility in circus arts and the style and energy that they bring to the stage. That’s why they can be found performing everywhere from the circus tent, the cabaret stage, festivals, street shows, or in contemporary circus companies. Notably, they have performed with Cirque du Soleil, Cirque Éloize, and the 7 doigts de la main.


This tenacious duo is strengthened by their distinct personalities. Raphaël’s calculating spirit and ease of nature is complementary to the creative and entrepreneurial spirit of Yohann. They have developed over time with many years of partnership and cooperation. The Beaux Frères share their passion, their multidisciplinarity, their human side, and their desire to have fun. Heads up, their delirium is contagious!

 Machine de Cirque, a modern circus company based in Quebec, featuring “Les Beaux Frères”,  presents their first production in March 2015. This project which combines circus techniques, percussion and automation is the product of very successful research and creation sessions in 2012-2013.  WATCH FOR THEM!    Watch their Towel Act here!


NSFW! DMV, Willam Belli, Detox, and Vicki Vox Present a Very X Rated Christmas

Lock up the children!  Those wild and crazy gals that make up DMV, have a very  X rated Christmas video this year!
See more  at Willam Bellis  Channel

World War G – Brad Pitt Just Might be GAY!


Lady Bunny – and the New Pussycat Song

A Classic!
This song is a southern drag classic revisited by Lady Bunny. Thanks to
the electrifying Daisy Dalton for turning me onto this comedy
classic–this was her signature number at Chattanooga’s Go-Go Club and
they lined up to tip this great gal whenever she performed this. She
personified sass! 
R.I.P. Daisy Dalton.

Oy Vey My Son is Gay Fundraiser


Dear Friends please help us to bring this great, sweet, funny movie with important message of our days! 

Please go to
and contribute any amount that will not hurt your pocket, but will
make you feel good about becoming a part of something important for the
betterment of our society! Or choose the perk and get a great present,
which will remind you, on your act done by you for a good cause! Thank
you in advance!

At a time when many nations throughout the world
are experiencing challenging and troubling times, we feel that people
need to laugh, to feel inspired, and to realize that only through
acceptance and tolerance can we move forward in creating a better world
in which to live.

They often say that in a movie “the title says
it all,” but that is not exactly true – this movie is about love,
tolerance and acceptance in the family. Where old traditions meets
modern romance. It doesn’t matter whom your son is dating: a girl with
different color skin or mentality, a boy with a different ethnicity or
religion, maybe someone with Cancer or HIV; we are all human beings and
we are all equal! Behind the million of jokes in our movie and through
the midst of the stereotypes that are still among us today, the true
premise of love and acceptance is revealed in Oy Vey! My Son is Gay!

of the movies on INDIEGOGO are just beginning their development. “Oy
Vey! My Son Is Gay!!” is a completed movie, ready to be launched in
movie theaters to reach a wider audience! ( )

take a break from your stressful life, and help us to spread the word
and bring more fun and joy into people’s hearts! Fill them with
unconditional love for each other, and at the same time enjoy this
hilarious family movie! Together we can change our society without any
fighting, pushing and yelling; simply through the great message hidden
behind the laugher of our amazing cast! 

Your support is extremely
appreciated. Every dollar can make a difference! One of a kind rewards
are waiting for you! Thank you in advance for your contribution! 


Just in Time for Easter – Lady Bunny Dishes the Vatican





And it is so wrong –
 it’s right on!

“I sure hope you enjoy my report from the Vatican. I’m sure that some
people will be offended by this video due to their religious beliefs.
And to those people, I say stop using your beliefs to bash me and my
kind and I’ll stop making fun of you.

You have the nerve to say I’m
sinful while your own religious leaders molest kids all over the world
and pay huge fortunes to cover it up. Fortunes made from your donations!
I know, I know! Molesting kids isn’t all that catholic religious
leaders do. They also spread AIDS by arguing against condom use!”

 WATCH NOW (if you dare!)


Is AIDS FUNNY? Aids Jokes On The Rise

When did AIDS become funny?

TWICE recently,  an AIDS zinger was slung on the Chelase Handler / Chelsea Lately show.  I was shocked the first time. I was really shocked the second time! 
I watch her show every day. This happened twice in the last 14 days. And everyone on the round table thought it was funny and the audience laughed. I did not laugh. 
Last monthX Factor finalist James Arthur became embroiled in a three-day Twitter row with comedian Frankie Boyle. At one point James wrote: ‘Your (sic) about as funny as aids..

Thats not bad. Because AIDS is not funny. 

 But on Handlers show the AIDS comments drew laughs.  AIDS is not funny Chelsea. I have lost so many friends to AIDS – its no laughing matter. Whats next? Breast Cancer jokes? How about 9/11 jokes??
What makes AIDS funny?  but not breast cancer? NO disease or tragedy is funny. 

GAY-CENTRIC YOUTUBE Channel “GWIST” Launches January

A new YouTube partner channel targeted specifically to an LGBT and like-minded audience, Gwist, will launch on January 14, 2013 from Logo TV founder and veteran cable and digital media executive, Matt Farber. Gwist (,
which stands for “TV With a Gay Twist,” is designed to appeal to anyone
who enjoys a gay sensibility, and will feature weekly short-form series
starring established LGBT talent and gay YouTube stars. Working closely
with the YouTube team , Gwist will also incorporate innovative uses of the Google+ Hangouts platform into programming.


online video network is a natural next step in the evolution of gay
media and entertainment”, says Matt Farber, who has launched several
successful LGBT media brands including Viacom’s Logo, Clear Channel’s
“Radio With a Twist” and Sony’s “Music With A Twist” record label.  “The
social media, on demand, and universal distribution aspects of online
and mobile video are perfectly suited for niche programming.  With
broadcast and cable networks becoming more homogenous in order to reach
the broadest audience, and online video consumption reaching critical
mass, the time feels right for Gwist.”


has formed relationships with Bud Light, Orbitz, and the Atlantic City
Alliance (the tourism marketing organization for Atlantic City, NJ) to
include brand integrations into specific shows.  Brand integrations, as
well as other creative and production services for Gwist will be
developed and produced by BARK BARK, a leading television brand
integration/production agency whose Founder, Brian Tolleson, was the
original Vice-President of Creative at Logo, and is a partner in the new
venture. Gwist has also teamed with the Gay Ad Network to provide
advertising services to reach brands that target gay and lesbian


Gwist has
announced ten series, which include both original and established
programming that will roll out in the months following launch:


·         “Gwissues” with Howard Bragman—a panel discussion about a topic the LGBT community is talking about hosted by the legendary PR kingpin and television pundit.

·         The Randy Rainbow Show—signature
celebrity spoofs and comedic sketches featuring tongue-in-cheek
commentary from established YouTube star Randy Rainbow.

·         “The Untitled Spousal Equivalent Game” with Judy Gold—relationship
game show where gay and straight couples face off to prove their
marriages can be equally miserable, hosted by acclaimed lesbian comic
Judy Gold.

·         Miss Richfield 1981 “Q and You”—comedic advice show, from popular theatrical character Miss Richfield 1981.

·         “So Wrong!” with Louis Virtel—contrarian
analysis on why certain pop culture darlings really aren’t all that,
from Logo personality and YouTube star Louis Virtel.

·         “Love’N Mo”—a
gay girls guide to sex and relationships for straight men starring
former WNBA star Margot Clark.  From Amy Goldstein/Steve Chivers.

·         Steam Room Stories—popular
scripted YouTube series about a towel-clad group of guys—gay and
straight—discussing a topic at the gym.  From Cinema 175 Productions.

·         Gay Snackbites—stand up comedy segments featuring up and coming LGBT comics.

·         Cuentin’s Caddy Commentary–– an animated talk show from veteran animator, Matthew I. Jenkins (Adult Swim’s Aqua Teen Hunger Force, Venture Brothers, The Brak Show).

·         Tina Cesa Ward project (TBD)—scripted drama from noted lesbian filmmaker and creator of popular web series “Anyone But Me”.


are really excited to have such a diverse slate of shows that appeal to
not only the gay audience, but also to anyone who wants to ‘be a gay’!”
added Farber. “We want producers and talent to see Gwist as a creative playground to showcase programming with a gay twist, and look forward to helping them find a home for their work.”


Follow Gwist on Twitter @GwistTV     


HALF SHARE World Premiere and Benefit

Half-Share:  The Cocktail is always Half-Full!  AND NOW IT’S FREE!

 Misfit Boys Entertainment, LLC is thrilled to announce the worldwide premiere of a hilarious new gay comedy series, Half-Share, with 50% of profits to benefit the Ali Forney Center affected by hurricane Sandy.

Try to imagine The Golden Girls summering on Fantasy Island if it were run by Patsy & Edina!  Then watch it for free!  Half-Share is a 30-minute sitcom shot on location in Fire Island Pines featuring an all-star cast of fabulous gay comics including Alec Mapa, Jack Plotnick, Jesse Archer and Sam Pancake!

Hot on the heels of film festival success spanning three continents, Half-Share will debut its FREE worldwide streaming premiere at 10pm EST/7pm PST on Tuesday November 20th at &  


Half-Share is also available immediately on Amazon Instant Video to rent ($1.99) or buy ($4.99 Instant/$14.99 DVD,

Through December 31st, 50% of all net profits on DVD and Amazon Instant Video sales will be donated to the Ali Forney Center in NYC
which provides homeless LGBT youth with shelter, food, and counseling.
 Sandy left their offices underwater and they are in desperate need of
donations to continue their important work (


Noted Gay Homosexuals Discuss MAGIC MIKE

The Gay Beatles, a comedy show in LA next week, discuss  MAGIC MIKE.
 I swear, the gays are giving this show so much PR!

Four different opinions. Four different gay men. Four living legends
without any musical talent. BUT they do have a talent for talking and
probably fighting. In this talk show, Guy Branum, Bryan Safi, Jeffery Self and Louis Virtel
chat about everything: the week’s news, a celebrity interview, a sex
chat with a porn star and an audience game! It’s like “The Talk” but
unlike Julie Chen, none of them run on a Duracell. Featuring Cissy Fenwick.

Come see “The Gay Beatles”      Friday, June 29th at 8PM
At UCB Theatre   Los  Angeles        For tickets go to


Gay Twins James and Nick Aragon are the Ninja Twins

Even though SO YOU THINK YOU CAN DANCE has an age cut off 30 years old, the 32 year old Aragon Twins got their 15 minutes of fame!

They call themselves the Ninja Twins and were on this weeks SYTYCC auditions in Los Angeles. And these guys are destined for some sort of fame.

Nick, the guy who puts the “Ni” in “ninja,” and his identical partner in
crime, “James” (he’s the “ja”), came to the “SYTYCD” auditions
flaunting their “A-list lifestyle on a B-list budget” and basically
acting like the Jedward
of “SYTYCD.”

 Nigel I think then had the 
brilliant idea to pitch a “Ninjas With Attitude” pilot to Fox’s Mike

 (Nigel’s recent tweet
indicates the latter! Yay!) Surprisingly, the Ninjas weren’t bad
dancers…but at age 32, they were two years over the “SYTYCD” age limit
(Nigel hadn’t believed them when they claimed to be 728-year-old
vampires), so they were disqualified. (“We’re old, but we ain’t dead,
dang!” they protested.) Nigel didn’t change the rules, sadly, but he did
tell them, “You have made this show for me right now.” Now he just has
to make a whole new show, all about the Ninja Twins. Do it, Nigel!



Diary of Zac Efron

I found this hottie on YouTube quite randomly. And his videos are really funny. 



Charlie Hides is YouTubes Man of a Thousand Faces

  Comedian Charlie Hides has made a name for himself as the latest YouTube sensation with his uncanny portrayal of a wide range of celebrities. Justin Bieber and Elton John to Madonna, Cher and Lady Gaga among the numerous A-Listers he has portrayed.

Born in Boston Massachusetts, the 7th of ten children he developed a skill for mimicry on the school playground, imitating teachers, class mates and the comedians he’d seen on television.

In 1999 Charlie moved to London and has been performing stand up and in cabaret and fringe theatre productions. In March of 2011 a friend suggested he upload some of his comedy videos to YouTube, millions of views later he’s acquired a loyal following who eagerly anticipate his weekly comedy sketches. (including Kylie Minogue who called him a Genius on Twitter, Boy George, and even Cher)

As well as entertaining YouTube audiences with his comic characters and celebrity impressions he has also become very popular as an in demand entertainer at celebrity parties.

Elton John, Andrew Lloyd Webber, Liz Hurley, Sarah Furgeson, Billy Connolly, Jennifer Aniston, Emma Thompson, Ewan McGregor, Jasper Conran, Kerry Catona, Coleen Rooney, Ricki Lake etc. are among the huge list of Celebrities who have been entertained at private parties by Charlie’s original and renowned characters.

 Charlie is particularly skilled at rapidly recreating news worthy celebrity moments such as his take on the now infamous Madonna Hydrangea incident. (His version went viral shortly after the world’s media reported on the event at the Cannes Film Festival.)  He recently filmed and uploaded, within hours of the Awards ceremony, a recreation of Elton John and Madonna’s feud at the Golden Globes complete with a costume identical to Madonna’s Reem Acra gown.  Many have commented on Charlie’s keen attention to detail and his ability to morph into the various celebrities he portrays. – I don’t know how he writes all the witty lines – and I am amazed at how much time go into some of the videos with multiple characters!

  Despite the fact the he has often targets Madonna and Lady Gaga, he has impressed and gained a loyal following from their legions of devoted fan clubs, blogs and web masters of their official fan sites because his gently mocking portrayals are affectionate and not malicious.

He is really talented and amazingly funny! 
You need to follow his YouTube page, Charlie Hides TV
 there is a new clip every week that goes up!